Gunson Testing Tools

Gunson Testing Tools
Gunson Testing Tools

Gunson Testing Tools.

Gunson tools that are used for testing the various aspects of cars, motorcycles and vans / trucks.

Gunson tools are renowned for their simplicity and sometimes unique properties like the Gunson Colortune spark plug that offers you a view INTO your running engine and the combustion process!

Gunson Testing Tools

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Gunson Vacuum Pump - 77003


Gunson Brake Fluid Tester - 77002


6-Piece Gunson Compression Tester Kit - 77043


Gunson Paint Thickness Tester - 77067


Gunson Spark Indicator - 77077


13-Piece Gunson Auto Fuse and Tester Kit - 77103


Gunson Battery Tester Dial Type - 77104


Gunson Dial Type Antifreeze Coolant Tester - 77105


Gunson Automotive Electronic Stethoscope - 77109


Gunson Adjustable Fuse Tester - 77121


Gunson Digital Exhaust Gas and CO Tester - G4125