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Shipping Cost at

Dear customer, future customer, (hobby) mechanic, garagist or tool fanatic,

welcome to, your Number 1 Choice for Gunson Tools.

To keep things simple, we will ship to virtually any destination in the world. So, no matter where you are located you will alays be able to order your desired Gunson tool.

The tools are in general rather bulky and heavy so there is a price tag attached to shipping it to you.

In order to, (again!) keep it as simple as possible, we charge you whatever our Postal Services are charging us.

We want to both protect you and ourselves against the risks of damage and loss AND offer your the luxury on online tracking so you can follow the progress of your purchase from the comfort of your own home.

This means that whatever we charge you in shipping cost, it is based on your location (destinations far away from our basis in Western Europe are simply more expensive) and the weight / volume of the items that you have ordered.

Curious to see what your subtotal including shipping is? Then first add the desired products to your shopping cart and then proceed to the check-out. Now select your destination and the shipping cost will automatically be calculated.

You can now click on the button to "Continue shopping" and your shopping cart will automatically be updated every time that you add something to it.

We hope to have kept it as simple as possible for you.

With our best regards,
Jack & the whole Team

Shipping Cost at